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NewMark Finanzkommunikation expands its shareholder base. In addition to Hubertus Väth, founder and Managing Partner of NewMark, and Managing Partner Andreas Glänzel, Dr Andreas Jaensch, Marc Savani and Dr Ralf Witzler have also been partners in the company since February 2023. The long-standing employees and directors of NewMark are also part of the management team.

To celebrate NewMark’s 25th anniversary in April 2022, the PR agency specialising in financial communications had already announced its intention to put the company’s ownership and management structure on a broader footing via a partner model and to position it effectively for the future. With the introduction of the partner model, the founder and owner of NewMark wants to continue the agency’s success story and retain top performers in the company.

Hubertus Väth says: “I am looking forward to continuing the co-operation in the new constellation. The partners bring different experience and expertise to the table thanks to their individual backgrounds. They all have many years of expertise in the field of financial communication and a high degree of customer orientation. These are the best prerequisites for repeatedly setting new standards for our clients – in the financial centre of Frankfurt and far beyond.”

Dr Andreas Jaensch has been part of the NewMark team since 2007 and contributes his expertise in the field of integrated communications consulting. Thanks to his long-standing agency career, he has a wealth of experience in classic press relations, corporate publishing in print and audiovisual media and strategy consulting. Since 2020, the certified ESG analyst (CESGA®) has also been responsible for sustainability communication at NewMark.

Marc Savani joined NewMark in April 2021 from Allianz Global Investors. In addition to cross-media content creation, he advises clients from the asset management sector on strategic positioning and day-to-day PR work. The communications expert gained experience on the corporate side in internal and external communications in the financial sector.

Dr Ralf Witzler worked for many years as a financial and business journalist for magazines, daily newspapers, online media and a news agency. He worked in strategic communications at Deutsche Welle Akademie and has now worked for NewMark for around six years. His expertise includes PR for asset managers and banks, CEO positioning, crisis communication and media development cooperation.



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