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Embarking on My Internship Journey: A Tale of Exploration and Growth

by Gerald Ikazoboh, 3rd Year Student at the University of Nottingham studying Politics and Economics

I stepped into the NewMark office on my first day with a multitude of emotions – excitement, anticipation, and a touch of nervousness. Questions raced through my mind: What kind of people would I meet? How would I navigate the language barrier? What tasks awaited me? But the initial nervousness quickly disappeared. The warm welcome from my colleagues made me feel at home, and their trust in my abilities granted me a remarkable degree of independence.

Navigating the Potential of Blockchain and AI

My internship unfolded as a fascinating journey of exploration and constant learning. The Managing Director of NewMark, Hubertus Väth, entrusted me with a critical task: gathering information for an upcoming event he would be moderating. This required a deep dive into the world of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. As I delved into research, I discovered their profound impacts on the financial industry:

I learned about the potential for Blockchain and AI to disrupt conventional paradigms and revolutionize how financial systems operate. Transactions, once bound by legacy processes, now embrace digital tokenization—a shift that promises greater efficiency and transparency. These cutting-edge technologies have transformed investment landscapes to fit with the challenges of our times. Impact tokens for example, designed for sustainable impact investment, offer novel avenues for socially responsible financial growth. In addition, by leveraging blockchain’s immutable ledger and AI’s predictive capabilities, supply chains have become more streamlined and resilient. Real-time insights empower decision-makers to optimize logistics, reduce waste, and enhance overall efficiency.

Collaboration Across Disciplines

But my journey didn’t stop there. Collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and roles within the firm greatly enriched my internship experience. I gained valuable perspectives on geopolitical events. Understanding their impact on asset management and investment strategies. As part of the team handling public relations for financial clients, I honed my communication skills by communicating market insights and product launches for clients.

I was also responsible for drafting an inquiry for a German African financial partnership, allowing me to contribute to global cooperation and interconnectedness as well as understand what makes a place attractive for financial institutions and how to appeal to financial leaders.

Learning from the Best

Within our firm, specialists in each area generously shared their expertise. Whether through direct conversations or overhearing discussions between senior management, I absorbed insights into the financial industry that transcended textbooks. It was exciting to learn about real time developments between China and Germany in the office, only to see a YouTube video on the same topic on DW at home. The ability to keep up with global developments in Finance is invaluable to me, and this internship provided me with the tools and opportunities to do so.

The internship experience also allowed me to understand the importance of the financial market in spurring meaningful progress and social transformation. NewMarks’ commitment to equitable support of players in the financial markets as well as its culture of constantly achieving new heights when it comes to communication standards deeply resonated with me. It enables efficient investment, transparency, and business growth to take on the challenges of our time and to create positive future impacts.

Language and Culture Immersion

Inside and outside the office walls, I immersed myself in German Language and culture. Despite everyone’s proficiency in English, I put myself out of my comfort zone trying to speak as much German as possible. My understanding deepened, and my confidence soared. Language bridges gaps and fosters connections- an invaluable asset in today’s globalized landscape. A friendly co-worker introduced me to their football club and allowed me to not only play a sport I love while here, but form relationships and practice German outside the office. I was able to see the city and secret gems when I was kindly invited out by a colleague. And I also enjoyed an entertainment event at Goethe University with some of the younger people in the firm. I now have a great appreciation for Frankfurt. Its fantastic public transport system made getting around cheap and seamless, and its diverse, multicultural nature made me feel accepted and comfortable.

In retrospect, my time at NewMark wasn’t just about tasks and deadlines; it was a transformative experience. As I stepped out of the office on my last day, I carried with me newfound and invaluable skills, lasting relationships, and a hunger for new experiences and knowledge. The nervousness I had had in the beginning had settled, now only a sense of fulfilment and anticipation for the future remains.



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