NewMark. Partner for Strategic and Financial Communication.

NewMark was founded by Hubertus Väth over a quarter of a century ago. Today, NewMark is the market leader when it comes to putting fund companies and investors in the right light. NewMark also works for management boards and supervisory boards, for owners and entrepreneurs, for bankers and banks, for start-ups and traditional companies, for lawyers, institutions and associations that have something to say. Usually for many years.


„Ohne Finanzmarkt sind Transformation, Innovation, Wachstum, Wohlstand und Vorsorge kaum vorstellbar. Wir unterstützen alle Akteure am Finanzmarkt auf Augenhöhe dabei, ihre Ziele zu erreichen, kommunikativ neue Zeichen zu setzen und Wirkung zu erzielen.“


“Without the financial market, transformation, innovation, growth, prosperity and provision are almost inconceivable. We support all financial market players on an equal footing in achieving their goals, setting new communication standards and making an impact.”

Our values


We are a partner-led agency. Partnership-based thinking, dialogue at eye level and partnership-based action characterise our cooperation with each other and with our clients. Our interaction is characterised by a willingness to perform, respect and constructive exchange within the team. Shared know-how generates more expertise. This is how we ensure that our customers benefit from the best ideas and the best execution.


We understand sustainability as acting with the future in mind. In this way, we create a long-term basis of trust with our clients and employees. We value a sustainable mindset that consists not only of wanting to, but also of doing and being able to – for our clients and for us as an agency. Our close collaboration with players from the world of finance gives us powerful leverage for this purpose.


We see ourselves as quality leaders. Quality is created when we give our best. We work with vision and think outside the box. We encourage and promote our employees’ own initiative. Nothing is more motivating than being able to make a project your own.

Ready to perform

We demand and promote performance. Only performance creates impact. And performance must be rewarded. We actively and individually support employees in their development and reward exceptional performance in a variety of ways, including by giving them far-reaching responsibility and greater creative freedom.


Digitalisation is a great opportunity for us and our customers. We are actively looking for potential to improve value creation for our customers through digital processes and to have more time for the important things.

Strategic and networked

We work with strategic foresight and network stakeholders in order to realise communicative and business potential. In this way, we are constantly setting new standards that create sustainable added value and open up new perspectives and paths for employees, customers and partners.

The Team

At NewMark, around 30 employees work in a network with a high level of financial expertise. We are a well-coordinated team of consultants, project managers and specialist editors and have many years of experience as corporate spokespersons, journalists, marketing managers, art directors and ESG specialists.

NewMark is represented by two managing partners and led by a management team totalling six people. The management can participate directly in the company and its success via a programme.