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Blue is the Colour

Blue is the clour is not only a hit album by the band The Beautiful South, but also the fan anthem of the English football club Chelsea London. The colour blue is omnipresent in the world of finance. What makes the colour so popular?

In the world of marketing and branding, there is one colour that crops up again and again and plays a special role: Blue. From financial institutions like Deutsche Bank to social media giants like Facebook, many companies choose blue as the main colour for their logos and designs. But why is that?

The psychological effect of blue

The use of blue is by no means random, but the result of precise considerations and scientific findings on the psychological effect of colours. Studies have shown that colours have a strong effect on our emotions and behaviour. Every colour triggers conscious and unconscious associations and feelings in us.

Blue is said to have an emotional balance and calming effect. It creates a relaxed atmosphere that reduces nervousness and stress. Blue also conveys a feeling of clarity, freshness and seriousness.

Trust and security

Trust is a decisive factor for companies, especially in the financial and insurance sectors. A company’s logo and colours should convey security and credibility. Blue is chosen as a colour because it evokes a calming emotion and stands for trust and professionalism.

Popularity and universality

Blue is not only popular with companies, but also with people around the world. It is associated with clarity, reliability and loyalty. Furthermore, blue is gender-neutral and is favoured by both men and women. Its inclusive nature makes it a popular choice for brands looking to appeal to a broad target audience.

Blue as a safe choice

Unlike controversial or polarising colours, blue is a safe choice. It does not trigger strong reactions and is perceived positively by most people. This makes it particularly attractive for companies that don’t want any unexpected surprises in their brand communication.

The preference of Mark Zuckerberg

A notable example is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, who chose blue as the main colour for Facebook due to his red-green vision impairment. This shows that even personal circumstances can influence a company’s choice of colour.


In a world where visual communication is playing an increasingly important role, the importance of colour should not be underestimated. Blue has proven to be one of the most popular and effective colours for conveying trust, security and professionalism. From financial institutions to social networks, blue is used as a symbol of stability and reliability and will continue to play a central role in marketing and branding. 




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