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“It’s fun to raise the bar.
Over and over again. Every day.”

Hubertus Väth founded NewMark almost a quarter of a century ago. Today, NewMark is the market leader when it comes to putting fund managers and investors in the right light. NewMark also works for boards of directors and supervisory boards, for owners and entrepreneurs, for bankers and banks, for start-ups and companies steeped in tradition, for lawyers, institutions and associations who have something to say. Most for many years.

Mr. Väth, in the internet age, the battle for attention is becoming increasingly fierce. How do you manage to be noticed at all?
Human curiosity is unlimited. This is precisely why people in Germany today spend more than ten hours a day with media of all kinds; in 2000 they spent less than seven hours. It is logical that the offering is also growing. Communication has become much faster as a result. I enjoy following this pace. Every day is full of surprises. This makes our work exciting. It seems to be an enduring truth that that good communication focuses on content and emotions – it grips people in their curiosity, in their sense of responsibility, in their worries, and sometimes also in their greed. Communication always works best with people who can tell exciting stories. We like to immerse ourselves in stories. The cinema in the mind tops every film. So good communication tells stories, triggers images, leaves room for emotions, creates memories, opens up new perspectives and surprises. But, and this has fortunately returned, good communication is also committed to values.

Which values are important for NewMark and for you personally?
There is no alternative to facts. And every job deserves that we do our best. There’s also nothing a team can’t do better than an individual. Then listen. And empathy to allow us to see other perspectives. We always need the courage to take risks … but … after responsible preparation! And loyalty is a high priority for me. On the one hand to our customers, even in difficult phases, on the other hand to our colleagues. Especially in a small company you have to stick together. And this may sound very old-fashioned – gratitude. It’s the long-term relationships in life that really matter. I think this is the reason why we have many customers today with whom we have been working for a long time. These customers make coming to work every morning enjoyable.

When you founded NewMark in 1996, a marketing and communications agency specifically geared to the needs of the financial and banking industries was something new. What was the trigger for you to quit your banking career and embark on the adventure of self-employment?
I come from a family of self-employed people – Merchants, master craftsmen, farmers, winegrowers – that is the simple answer to this question. This wasn’t really such a big step back then. I want to change things and create and saw a gap in the market. The step to our own company was a logical one. I didn’t want to shop, I wanted to make it myself.

What drives you?
Ideas and people. People who give me freedom and trust, release energy in me. My goal and the goal of NewMark is – as the name suggests – to raise the bar. For this you have to be two or three steps ahead if possible. In front of the wave, so to speak, so that you can ride the wave.

How have you been doing this for more than two decades?
This is only possible as a team. Sounds trite, but it’s true. I encourage curiosity, the desire to discover. And, of course, we work hard together, even around the clock if necessary, to complete the demanding communications projects that our customers entrust to us and to exceed their expectations as far as possible.

To the point – what is the formula for success?
Freedom and trust. Challenge and encourage. Then it is fun to raise the bar. Over and over again. Every day.

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