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The term was invented in 1882 at the American Yale University. It has not changed since then, but the craft has. NewMark has made its mark for its customers – analogue and digital – from Frankfurt am Main in more than 90 countries around the world.

Nothing is more exciting than business. This is where people, ideas and capital meet and shape our future. But it’s stupid if nobody hears about you, your products and the quality of your services. We change that – for you!

When it comes to money, we can’t take a joke. Trusting relationships with equity and debt capital providers are important for the success of your company. We know what matters to the various investor groups – sustainably.

This is where the course is set for the future of technologies, industries and business models. Even though completely different languages are often spoken in politics, business and society: we will find the common denominator for you and make you heard.

For almost a quarter century, our customers have relied on NewMark’s bulging marketing toolbox. We believe in consistent cross-channel communication from live to social, analog and digital, from 1:1 to campaigns with global reach.

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COVID-19 is a global crisis, don’t make it worse by making it a crisis of globalization.

COVID-19 is a global crisis, don’t make it worse by making it a crisis of globalization. 2400 1600 Hubertus Väth

An exceptionally long period of growing prosperity seems to be abruptly drawing to an end.…

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Founded in October 1998, NewMark holds 20 years valuable experiences in agency business.



Thanks to its close networking with the financial industry, NewMark has personal contacts to a large number of German financial service providers.



Continuous service within the framework of retainer agreements and classic project business lead to around 100 projects every year.

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the Financial Center Frankfurt am Main.

NewMark Finanzkommunikation is the representative office
of Frankfurt Main Finance e.V.

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NewMark Finanzkommunikation
1 Woche ago
Wer sich die #berufliche #Weiterentwicklung für das neue Jahr zum #Vorsatz genommen hat, hat gleich im #Februar die Chance dazu, dies umzusetzen. 💼📚🎓 Die #Anmeldung zum Seminar erfolgt hier: https://t.co/iGLl8FSVZW ✍️ https://t.co/rLuPCwLQyp
4 Wochen ago
🎶Die beiden Frankfurter Musiker Marina Pierucci und João Brasil haben das Stück „Por una Cabeza“ zu Hause für uns eingespielt.

Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Vergnügen beim Anhören,🎧 erholsame Feiertage🎄und einen guten Rutsch in ein gesundes neues Jahr! ✨
4 Wochen ago
Anstelle der Weihnachtsgeschenke unterstützt @newmarkfinkom Marina Pierucci und João Brasil. Gemeinsam bringen sie stimmungsvolle Klänge zu Ihnen nach Hause. Wir wünschen Ihnen entspannte Feiertage und einen guten Rutsch in ein gesundes neues Jahr. https://t.co/08o1BMvtsl
Frankfurt Main Finance
6 Stunden ago
💡“Inaction today will cost us tomorrow“ – Accordingly, @KPMG publishes a series on “ #SSM beyond #COVID19” focusing on current changes in the supervisory landscape and how banks can benefit from them.

Topics: #OperationalResilience, #CreditRisk, #ICLAAP..
6 Stunden ago
🌏 Vielfalt erhöht die Kreativität, erweitert das Spektrum an Fähigkeiten und fördert Toleranz.

Erfahren Sie im @SP__Management Interview mit @BoydenGermany, welche interkulturellen Kompetenzen deutsche Manager im Reich der Mitte mitbringen müssen.
8 Stunden ago
Meet us at our @WAIFC_ virtual booth at the @AFF_HK on Mon and Tue. Learn more about the work of the leading #financialcenters in supporting the #economicrecovery from the #COVID19 pandemic: #sustainablefinance, #FinTech, #regulation, #SME finance. https://t.co/lCHzNTgJcz https://t.co/0BjVUV3URF
3 Tage ago
🎙️ #MeinFinanzplatz #Podcast | „Der Standort wird immer ein Faktor bleiben“, so @RalfHeim, Gründer und CEO von @Fincite2020, in der 4. Podcast-Episode von Frankfurt Main Finance.

Jetzt reinhören!🎧▶️ https://t.co/UVBzCFKNsK https://t.co/IVofl2Izdm