Trend color “Living Coral” Makes Corporate Designs Lively and Energetic

Trend color “Living Coral” Makes Corporate Designs Lively and Energetic

Trend color “Living Coral” Makes Corporate Designs Lively and Energetic 1920 1079 Swetlana Stametow

At the beginning of each year, the Pantone Color Institute trend experts choose the color of the year. In 2019, the choice fell on “Living Coral”. Should companies adapt their corporate design to reflect the times-spirit and signal modernity?

The experts call Living Coral a “vibrant and life-affirming coral shade with a golden undertone that provides energy and loosens up with softer edges.” In her view, the tone is not just a color, but an expression of a visual trend that Adobe calls “natural instincts.” The layman calls the shade probably more a mixture of pink and orange.

The color of the year is omnipresent

Once the viewer’s eye is sharpened for the color of the year 2019, one discovers them in many places. Often short-lived graphic products such as magazines and brochures are also carriers of trend color as well as clothing or furniture pieces. The increasing encounter with flamingo motifs in the first weeks of this year can also be explained. By contrast, the automotive industry is reluctant to accept such current color trends. There, half of the cars are still black or white, while hues such as red or blue are a real splash of color in the cityscape.

The corporate design should use freedoms

What does the annual change in trend color (2018 was Ultra Violet) for the corporate design (CD) of a company mean? Should it be adapted to it? To rewrite the style guide every year would be sure to overshoot the target. On the one hand, the CD is an essential part of the corporate identity. On the other hand, the attractiveness of a color is subjective. In that sense, companies should remain true to their CD. Sometimes, however, the style guide allows for freedom to absorb the current zeitgeist. Then it can be quite worthwhile to pick up trend colors and thus signal modernity. In any case, there is no shortage of suitable motifs and imagery in the current color.

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