New Hiring in Corporate Communication

New Hiring in Corporate Communication

New Hiring in Corporate Communication 951 650 Dr. Ralf Witzler

Andreas Framke joined the Frankfurt agency NewMark Finanzkommunikation on 1 September 2019. Together with Dr. Charlotte Brigitte Looß, he will be the Co-Head of Corporate Communication division and establish it as a separate business unit. With this organisational restructure, NewMark will be strategically positioned on a broader basis and will set new standards under experienced dual leadership in the communication of corporate financing, Merger&Aquisition as well as investor relations segment.

Hubertus Väth, the Founder and Managing Director of NewMark, says: “We are very happy to win Andreas Framke, an experienced journalist who is well known in the financial centre of Frankfurt and who is networked beyond national borders”.

Andreas Framke explains: “I am very much looking forward to the new professional challenge at NewMark. The agency’s team is ideally positioned to master a wide range of communication tasks in the corporate world. That’s why I decided to take such step in my career. For many years I have reported on and for the financial community – nationally and internationally. On the basis of these experiences, I now want to actively support our corporate clients in achieving their communication goals”.

Dr. Charlotte Brigitte Looß adds: “Good investor relations work is always based on the target group. The unbeatable advantage for our corporate clients is NewMark’s recognised expertise in working with banks, asset managers and institutional investors. Our colleagues from relevant teams know exactly which topics are currently being focused. This know-how benefits our corporate clients in the formulation of their storylines.”

In addition to the existing Public Relations, Public Affairs and Marketing Services business areas, the new Corporate Communication business unit also forms a clearly defined division within the NewMark Financial Communication organisation. This ensures a strict separation of projects with potential conflicts of interest, should this be necessary for compliance reasons.

“Brigitte Looß and Andreas Framke complement each other perfectly,” says Väth. “She brings with her many years of experiences from working in IR departments of listed companies. He possesses comprehensive journalistic know-how.Both personalities together are a strong combination. This will enable NewMark to better combine the needs of companies, the informaiton of capital market and the public better than ever”.

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