A Dual Traineeship at NewMark Combines Theory and Practice

A Dual Traineeship at NewMark Combines Theory and Practice

A Dual Traineeship at NewMark Combines Theory and Practice 2560 1709 Andreas Glänzel

After completing bachelor degree, graduates have the choice: study further to earn a master degree or dare to take the step into professional life? A traineeship with an extra-occupational Master at NewMark enables both in one.

After three years of public relations study at the University of Hannover, I was faced with the question: which step should I take next? With every internship and every working student activity in the agency, association and company, the motivation to start a traineeship increased, but a master’s degree was out of the question. Through my professor, who at that time took over the scientific management of the program, I became aware of the program DAPR dual: The German Academy for Public Relations in cooperation with the Danube University Krems offers two Master’s programs and places potential applicants to interested employers. The dual master’s students can choose between the programs “Strategic Communication and PR” and “Digital Communication”.

Combination of theory and practice

Before deciding on such dual education, you should be aware of the extra burden that comes with it. Each of the ten study modules comprises a one-week attendance period in Dusseldorf (DAPR headquarters) or in Krems (headquarters of the Danube University). In addition, other online self-study plus preparatory and modular work requires self-discipline and effective time management. For on-site attendance, NewMark Financial Communications frees volunteers and takes care of travel and accommodation. As soon as you are used to the dual role of work, you benefit from the combination of theory and practice: Many exciting professional challenges in professional life can be explained by the theory. At the same time, they provide starting points for further research and can serve as case studies for homework.

But what would be an extra-occupational study without practical teaching? NewMark Financial Communications provides each volunteer with a personal mentor. He plans training content with him, monitors capacities and is the first point of contact in all matters. In addition, there is a monthly Junior Circle for volunteers and junior consultants. Experienced colleagues report on core topics of communication work in an informal setting. In addition, they answer questions and answers regarding current questions.

Learning on the job

In addition to theoretical studies and training-related formats, the everyday work conveys important experiences. At NewMark, volunteers work as permanent team members on customer accounts right from the start, supplemented by current projects. This conveys in-depth technical and customer-specific knowledge “on the job”. It also makes it possible to assume responsibility early on. In doing so, individual specialization wishes, interests and strengths of the volunteers are considered as far as possible.

A traineeship at NewMark in combination with a dual master’s program ideally combines theory and practice. This enables a comprehensive communication training. For example, newcomers to the field, who previously were not at home in the financial world, quickly learn everything they need to work on equal footing with colleagues and customers. All in all, the dual education can be summarized in three words: instructive, collegial, challenging – and that’s how starting a career should be.

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