NewMark intern: Every Year the Christmas CFO Greets You Again

NewMark intern: Every Year the Christmas CFO Greets You Again

NewMark intern: Every Year the Christmas CFO Greets You Again 1920 1280 Jürgen Arenz

Every year in January, NewMark’s accounting and human resources office starts a very special time. Inventory? Accounting? Not only. While the colleagues wish for a happy new year, the CFO is already ringing in the next Christmas season.

After Christmas is always before the next Christmas. And this should be well prepared! A bell of the last chocolate Santa Claus hangs on the screen of the CFO and reminds him of one of his most important tasks in the company: Planning is everything! So, early in the year he is looking for a location for the NewMark Christmas party with all his colleagues. If everything is scheduled, calm will come for the time being.

At the latest on 1. Advent go off

But beware! Because what in the Cologne Carnival of 11.11. NewMark is the first Advent. Then the Christmas CFO takes over the contemplative rule in the business premises. The newly delivered and decorated Christmas tree shines in the conference room. And everyone knows that there are cleats and gingerbread in the kitchen and in the open-plan office.

The first joint Christmas market visits to the Romans leave no doubt that it is gradually becoming reflective. By the 6th of December at the latest, the Christmas CFO has infected the management with his Christmas enthusiasm, and there is a sweet surprise for every employee. The business premises are decorated with fir trees, and the first Christmas cards of satisfied customers and business partners arrive.

After Christmas is before Christmas

The highlight of Christmas time at NewMark is the Christmas party. With a speech from the business and personnel management, we remember successful projects in the past year and welcome new employees. The managing director draws attention to the next year and explains to all employees his strategic vision for the future. Afterwards, a happy get-together with fine food and drink is announced. But everyone knows: it will start again in the beginning of January! Slow but unstoppable. Because after Christmas is before Christmas!

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